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  1. ‘Captain Compassion’ Is The Anti-Bullying Campaign We Need
  2. Maybe It's Time To Stop Talking About Bullying, And Talk Kindness Instead

While the ways to address bullying vary depending on the age, here are some general tips and good practices.

‘Captain Compassion’ Is The Anti-Bullying Campaign We Need

Maintaining open communication with students and building a sense of community in the classroom will go a long way to preventing bullying and ensuring a healthy environment for all. As you plan your efforts for National Bullying Prevention Month, here are resources to help get the conversation started with your students about the importance of bullying prevention, as well as the impact they can make with their words and action.

Bullying prevention is up to all of us—together, we can help create a world without bullying! Bailey Huston Coordinator.

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Bailey provides support and resources to students, parents, educators and other regarding bullying prevention. While completing her undergraduate degree, she interned with a community outreach organization to develop a bullying prevention curriculum for local after-school programs. Stay up to date on the latest blog posts, content, tools, and more from PBS Education!

October 11, This is a time for us to show students who experience bullying that there is hope. Talk about bullying - let your students know how people are affected by bullying — and its consequences.

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Ensure adults are visible — near bathrooms, hallways, the lunchroom, around buses in the morning and afternoon, and at recess. This bullying can get worse as children age and especially in high school and middle school years because of various pressures from both peers and popular American culture. In order to break these stereotypes, the bullies have to be stopped and the kids being bullied need support. At a North Texas high school homecoming, the girl who was crowned queen showed kindness in a special way. A few weeks before the event, a group of girls at the school bullied a young lady by the name of Lillian Skinner.

It's natural — and common — for kids to fight with their siblings at home.

Maybe It's Time To Stop Talking About Bullying, And Talk Kindness Instead

And unless there's a risk of physical violence it's wise not to get involved. But monitor the name-calling and any physical altercations and be sure to talk to each child regularly about what's acceptable and what's not. It's important to keep your own behavior in check too. Watch how you talk to your kids, and how you react to your own strong emotions when they're around. There will be situations that warrant discipline and constructive criticism. But take care not to let that slip into name-calling and accusations.

Gwinnett students launch kindness campaign to combat bullying

If you're not pleased with your child's behavior, stress that it's the behavior that you'd like your child to change, and you have confidence that he or she can do it. If your family is going through a stressful life event that you feel may have contributed to your child's behavior, reach out for help from the resources at school and in your community.

Guidance counselors, pastors, therapists, and your doctor can help. To help a child stop bullying, talk with teachers, guidance counselors, and other school officials who can help you identify situations that lead to bullying and provide assistance.

1. Teach kindness and empathy.