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Adding to my frustration was the lack of solutions on the market. To this day, despite the countless options from high-impact and low-impact to cross-backed and front-close, woman still concoct their own boobie-traps to ensure their support needs are met. So, while I started Molly T.

Most sports bras utilize shoulder straps and hook-and-eye closures that make minimal difference where it actually matters: the delicate, fatty connective tissue known as our breasts.

Books By My Clients

With Molly T. When I felt confident there was nothing out there like it, I set out to protect my idea and invested my savings in a good intellectual property lawyer. Once the patent process was well underway, I turned to people I trusted with the skillsets I lacked like sewing to bring my design to life. My grandma, neighbors, girlfriends — anyone who could help with a needle and thread to sketching my idea was recruited until I saved enough money to work with manufacturers. I continued to test and scrutinize every stitch in my prototypes over the next 10 years until the design and functionality was exactly where I wanted it to be.

Mom needs support, too. Swipe right to see Molly T.

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A post shared by Molly T. Such a fresh take on a sports bra.

I made sure to establish strong relationships with everyone who touched my product — from my manufacturer to my pattern maker. Just as important is being transparent with customers. At one point, my Velcro provider was delayed in sending an order. This meant shipping delays for my customers. I immediately emailed customers with updates and assured them their Molly T. Trusting myself no matter how scary or overwhelming a task at hand may seem has been key to maintaining sanity. Lean on your family and friends when the going gets rough.

The more I learned about the physical and psychological pains of not having a kickass sports bra, like the fact that 1 in 5 women opt not to workout entirely for lack of proper support , I became obsessed with the idea of making sure all women felt equipped to go all out, whenever and however they moved. Sore shoulders, achy backs, the dreaded uni-boob — I was determined to make these gripes a thing of the past with a design that mimicked that instinctual gesture of bringing the breasts closer to the body to limit motion. That Molly T. What started off as a solution to a problem I faced as an athlete wanting to be faster, more aerodynamic is addressing needs beyond my wildest dreams.

The highly adjustable nature of Molly T. Women will squeeze, contort, and ultimately settle for ill-fitting sizes due to lack of available, size-inclusive options. Thankfully, times are changing and women are embracing their curves, with clothing brands following suit. The whole point of Molly T. I hope that the design helps women know that they should feel comfortable and supported and settle for nothing less. Never take no for an answer. If you believe in something — be it an idea for improving an existing product or creating a new one entirely — there is always a way.


Cultivate patience. Nothing good comes easily. Sometimes you gotta fight. The Who: Boomer, the world's sweetest Doodle, is always there for Molly. You can help provide the care this snuggly boy needs while Molly's focused on healing.

The Devil's Dance Floor - Flogging Molly -

The goal is that Boomer's refreshed and ready to do what he does best; love Molly in his everso Boomer way. The When: These funds will be needed on a rolling basis from now through June Below are suggested dollar amounts and examples of what your generosity could be providing for this cute-as-a-button duo. Every bit is a huge help. Boomer's hoping one of those walks is through Discovery Park. His favorite place! This donation amount works out to 1 half-hour Wag! And our total fundraising goal!


What's Boomer Got to Give in Return? The next time he sees you, he's sure to do his signature toy-in-mouth whole body wag, all while making that funny gurgling-growl-excited-to-see-you noise Good boy, Boomer : Thank you for your love, donations, kind thoughts, and healing vibes. Molly and Boomer can't thank you enough. And now More cute pictures of Molly and Boomer!

While many of these funds will be spent on Boomer's Wag! Donations 0. Jamelle Dube.