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Pretty simple. Just for today, quit thinking, and acting, and looking like what you are not, and embrace what you think you really are.

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The fleas are placed inside the jar, and the lid is then sealed. Now they are undisturbed for three days. When the jar is opened, the fleas will not jump out. In fact, the fleas will never jump higher than the level set by the lid. Their behavior is now set for the rest of their lives, and when these fleas reproduce, their offspring will automatically follow their example.

Do you know how they get really large elephants not to move? Here is the point. We have self-limiting behavior that teaches us we are less than what we are and blocks us from moving forward. Whatever your past experiences have been or your self-imposed limitations or what you think you are not capable of, reject it. You are far more capable than you think.

And then you couple that with the Spirit in your life and oh, my goodness, get out of your way, because you will accomplish great things. Whatever you think has tethered you mightily as a baby elephant, you have the strength to overcome it. He prayed for the strength to do it. There was probably some blood. And you know it. I pray the day will come when you actually believe you are a child of God and therefore endowed with all the capabilities of Godhood, yes, even in this life.

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You can misinterpret them by letting them define you or become you or overpower your confidence. Let it go. Under this strategy, this is the place to discover what your gifts and talents are. It really is. If you couple that with developed skills, on top of those gifts and those talents, and you learn how to tell your story to other people and prospective employers, you are armed! You are ready to go. We had a student here in accounting.

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Her name is Jennifer Davidson. She grew up on a farm in Washington. Remember now, she had a two-year degree and one year experience, so she applies for the job.

Who, What, How and Why?

And she gets it. Relish the fact that this is a place to discover your skills and your talents, then learn how to tell your story. We can help you learn how to do all of that. Now the last piece under this particular principle, this strategy is that this is a place to learn to look the part. Back in the day when I was in the mission field, the Church was still very young. It was a long time ago. So we were in Levis and T-shirts and our sneakers. The car had a little problem. The steering wheel was tight—it was hard to turn. So we stopped and we prayed.

When we were finished, the driver turned the steering wheel to get us back on the road and it snapped. I mean, you could just spin it. So we called the mission president, because we were in trouble. The mission president called a tow company, and the tow truck and the mission president showed up about the same time. Many of you are returned missionaries. I invite you to continue to look the part.

You can walk the halls and see ancient pictures of old people in funny dresses at this college. They came here with character; they built what we stand upon. We have no right to diminish it. President Holland cited p. If you need a shaver, I have one. The ninth floor has one. Do you know what I mean? This is a fun place. I want you to have fun. This is a great time in your life.

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You only do it once. Just do it right. If there is something in your life that stands in the way of going forth in the strength of the Lord, I invite you to just stop it or get rid of it. When you continue to do something you know is not right or good for you, but you continue to do it anyway—brothers and sisters, I will tell you that is a clinical definition of addiction. Child of Atlas, release the world from your shoulders. It will remain in place, remain in its eternal spin, without you holding it up. My tendency to feel responsible for every being on the planet was so apparent early on that it inspired poetry in a teenage boy.

And I rocked it. I love to drive any chance I get. The world is my oyster. The wild blue yonder sprawls out in front of me. I feel powerful. I feel like I have it together. My vision was that I would drive myself around North America indefinitely in my little white Prius named Zoe.

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I had images of my hair blowing in the wind, my aviators shielding my eyes from the gorgeous desert sun, and a scarf billowing luxuriously from my neck. I thought I would be driving around having profound thoughts on life and freedom. And looking very much together as I drove. I have indeed passed through seventeen states and put miles on my car in the past four weeks.

When I realized that I was going to need to get my car from Buffalo to Boulder by way of San Diego, I put out a somewhat random yet divinely guided text to someone I barely knew to see if he wanted to drive with me.

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Key word: with. He accepted the spontaneous invite with only two weeks notice before the departure date. We met up in Buffalo and instead of driving with me across the country, he drove me across the country.

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Yep, basically miles of passenger-seat-style surrender. It creates friction in the brain, the heart, and the soul. And so I decided to surrender.

see url I have come to realize that I have no idea what my life is going to look like three months from now, let alone a year or five years from now. Screw the five-year plan.