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  2. Indian Summer / Prairie Underground
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Barrett shows himself to be a strong and soulful interpreter of the rhythm and blues ballad, convincingly delivering the persuasive promise of the enduring power of love.

Taly - Jacquard polka dots jumpsuit

Barrett never falls into the trap of believing the singer is more important than the song that ensnares so many other jazz vocalists. Like a good lover, Barrett takes his time on this one, gracefully weavin. Indian summer , defined as the arrival of warm weather after the first chilly frost, is a most appropriate metaphor for the music of Danny Barrett. You hold in your hand an increasingly rare commodity — the product of [you should pardon the expression] musicians! You may regard Danny as a throwback, if you will, to the days of Dick Haymes.

Skip to content Home Releases Indian Summer. Chris Jisi Bass Player Magazine Review by David Allyn… If you are at all musically inclined, you will be able to distinguish the voice of Danny Barrett, from a slew of singers out there. She missed the flora and green topography of her native Media now in northern Iran and so her husband built a palace in arid, flat Babylon which resembled the cool vistas of a green mountain.

Indian Summer / Prairie Underground

As our cities grow hotter with each passing summer, we all need a dash of Nebuchadnezzar in our lives. The west-facing part of my home used to be unbearable for almost half the year, due to the harsh afternoon heat of the scorching summer sun. With careful planting of deciduous creepers that come alive with flowers, I am relieved to say the temperature has been brought down by an impressive 10 degrees C.

Plus I have the added bonus of birdsong, because bulbuls and humming birds nest in the quisqualis Rangoon creeper and wisteria. Encouraged by the success of this experiment, I created a large water-proofed planter on my first-floor balcony and planted a fast-growing evergreen climber. I trained it over my water-tank on the second floor and am happy to confirm that the water in my taps is no longer unpleasantly warm.

Singer of American Classical Jazz Standards

Versatile and vigorous, loved as much for their scented flowers or dappled foliage, vines provide greening of vertical spaces, which is especially useful in urban areas. They play an important role in landscape architecture and modern homes should be fit with supports at the construction stage.

Not only do vines create a barrier against the blistering sun, they cool the air as moisture evaporates from their leaves. With some effort at water-proofing, hardy climbers such as bougainvillea can really cut the heat on terraces and rooftops.

The term conjures up the image of Tarzan swinging from tree to tree on strong woody ropes, but for practical purposes it is a generic word for vines. Many varietals have arrived by sea through the efforts of our colonisers, braving long ocean voyages from as far away as South America to make India their home.

5 Surprising Benefits of Passion Fruit

The bougainvillea, petra, Antignon Leptopus coral vine and mandevilla that we take so much for granted in India are all native to South America. The reverse is true as well and history records that early English botanists supplied Kew Gardens in London with as many as 7, rare Himalayan plants.

Liana are plants that need comparatively little ground space and yet provide privacy and shade, and act as screens that also block out noise pollution. In larger gardens they can be trailed along fenced areas to conceal ugly but necessary spaces such as compost pits or garbage bins.

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In a city with soaring summer temperatures they offer the cool relief of a shaded arbour for evenings spent away from air conditioners. The only important thing is that they usually cannot withstand their own weight and need some kind of support. Pergolas over windows, entrance porches, boundary walls all benefit from the planting of creepers, which soften hard lines and wrap homes in garlands of flowers.

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Climbers can be divided into three broad categories — those that twine with the help of tendrils such as the sweet-pea; others that adhere to walls with the help of tiny pads or rootlets such as Ficus pumila climbing fig ; and those such as the climbing rose which use thorn-like protuberances to hook themselves for support.

Creepers are too weak-stemmed to support their own weight, just as climbers are, but the distinguishing difference is they have a horizontal spread along the ground. They generally give out rootlets at nodes to anchor themselves and are good for checking hillside erosion and providing attractive groundcover.

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  8. The hardy bougainvillea, though classified as a vine, is an exception — it thrives in the heat and despite neglect, develops a stem woody enough for it to bear its own weight, and takes on the structure of a shrub. The variety of creepers available is so wide that a carefully-planned garden can use them to further enhance the look of the home. For the busy homemaker or novice gardener with scarcity of water, a bougainvillea can be a godsend to screen off ugly areas or noisy roads without too much care apart from a biannual pruning to stimulate flowering.

    Many colours and varieties are available and for roof gardens they thrive in pots.

    X-Tasy - Indian Summer (The Passion Mix)

    These plants are resistant to pests and only suffer from wet-feet syndrome when grown in pots, so they must be watered sparingly and sand should be added to the potting mix.