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Thanks Very much. I saved these beats in only one format. I would like to re-open them especially the first ones I did , make some adjustments and save in different formats. Is there a way to do it without paying a full version? I plan on registering a paid copy as soon as possible, but I want to know if there is a way I can re-open these projects or export tracks from the mp3 files — My second worry is that Paypal does not accept business accounts from my country. Are there other ways to instantly get paid through these Beat stores?

Very inspiring article. Im not the type that read long write ups but am surprised to read all you wrote. I even started looking for you on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Thank you soo much for this amazing article.

THE ENTREPRENEUR'S MINDSET - Gary Vaynerchuk USC Talk 2019

Keep up the good okay. All i have is God, one old HP laptop, 2 headphone and one speaker is not even a studio speaker.

Thank you my friend. This has really inspired me to get started on selling my music online!! Thank you so much for all the tips and guidance! I have gotten so low at times in recent months due to having a 9 — 5 job for the sake of earning money. My passion for music has always been there and this article will only help to push myself to make a living from doing what I love.

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Appreciate that Kyle! This guide is a definite help I really appreciate you putting this guide together For any producer that is serious about launching a beat selling business this is the right guide for you. Great write up, very inspiring. I really appreciate your generosity to help out some of us striving to make a decent life selling beats. So, I use Ableton, and I believe that It can automatically import projects into your Soundcloud account.

But do you know of any tool that would import from lets say your Soundcloud, to something like Beatstars or any other Beat Store provider? No problem Keven! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This is beautiful. The trades of the music industry always seem to be enveloped in some mysterious cloak. Its refreshing to have some structured information divulged here. Thank you sir!

This is great info. Got me real excited to try out some different things.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to put this together. I would like to thank you so much for sharing your experience, thoughts, and time to write this post. You have hit every thought and struggle that I have been battling.

Featured businesses for sale

You have inspired me to a much larger inspiration to continue to do what I love which is making music! Honest and to the point, which is hard to come by. Thank you. Hi, Thank you for creating and sharing this info. On Beatstars there is no category for Reggaeton. No problem Mitch! Considering reggaeton and Latin influenced music is becoming more mainstream these days, I could definitely see that work. Good luck! I am a marketing major and ironically i had no idea how to capitalize on my passion, creating music and beats at my lab.

Always searching for the next beat, creating sound textures, writing arrangments, always on the side….

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Thank you for this powerful guide, it does not offer miracle paths which i love but it shines a light into how small steps can lead you to success. Funny how we forget music can be a business too…i love creating beats, melodies, destinations…music for the movies we all get to live and make.. God bless you. Good to hear Jose! Glad our paths have crossed and we could inspire and motivate you to take things to the next level. Wishing you the best of luck!

Hey, I just wrote you on ig my handle is spitybnice would love for you to get back to me! Crazy this amount of information is made readily-available and FREE of charge. For anyone who wants to seriously get started, this page is a god send. Thank you Robin! Dude, thank you.

Where Do I Want to Go?

Ive been thinking about doing this for so long and now I finally believe its do-able. Thank you so much. I must say, I really Appreciate your detailing. I ve been really finding it hard to start but reading this got me all hyped and ready to put in every work needed for this to work. Hi my name is triple. S from South africa……wow From the start till finish this article just Got my focus the whole time, this is inspiring my man I appreciate the knowledge U just dishing out here, damn this is grate thank you very much sir..

I hope to get more insight and guidance from you am a music producer and make beats aswell. This is very helpful information for anyone who is just getting into selling beats online.

Jim Collins – A Rare Interview with a Reclusive Polymath: The Tim Ferris Show

Thanks bro! This is great dude! Thanks Justin! And yes, sure. If your goal was to inspire one person, i think you have accomplished that… Thank you from the bottom of my soul. I dont have enough money for omnisphere or any of that. Using ONLY nexus is rly limited. Also i have a hard time thinking of a producer name. Also gaining attention and attraction to my beats is a huge struggle for me. I know its not my muisc thats the problem becuase ive been producing for 4 years.

Do u have discord or anywhere where u can chat? This really changed my perspective on selling ,thank you so much for that precious information ,I am so ready to start selling my beats ,been having a lot of pocketed beats in my PC thanks man. Wow, where have you been my whole life?? Oh yeah, in the studio selling beats!! This was a fantastic read I really appreciate you sharing your experience with us. Hi Robin, great post. One question I have is regarding the use of sampled instruments in beats that are sold for profit.

The Negatives of Business Ghostwriting

If so, how close does that get to violating the terms and conditions of the product? Is this of concern in the Beats selling community or turned a blind eye to? Thanks again for the great post, Colin. The latter is allowed, of course. Hope that helps! Thanks for the reply. So, let me get the straight, a 4 bar kick drum pattern made using a Battery 4 kick drum, that is used in a 4 bar drum pattern with snare, hats toms etc.

BUT, if I copy that 4 bars for 3 minutes and add bass, a few keys parts and a few fills and call it an instrumental I can sell it mixed and tracked out, even though part of the product is the very same drum sound? Are there any reliable online resources?