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We can't wait for the day when they trust us enough to say "no" and have a tantrum. We have tried various ways, some more successfully than others, to give reassurance. Games including "peek-a-boo", "hide-and-seek" and putting coins into a piggy bank help in maintaining some sense of their own permanence. DS Darling Son loves me constantly retrieving things from his tray table on his high chair, which apparently helps build trust even if my back is aching.

Queen Latifah a mom? Star says she may adopt a child. -

We also have a reading list of books for bedtime, which gives us a chance to help reassure them that this time they are staying for keeps. However, there are moments of pure joy for us all — watching them running around the garden barefoot and throwing their heads back with laughter, chasing the neighbour's cat and shooing birds and, of course, watching their beautiful sleeping faces — and we see what our new family could be.

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Read part one of his adoption blog here. Something about us always being here Topics Adoption Adoption diary: a father's story. Children blogposts. She would be in good company — both in the celebrity world, and among Americans overall. July 12, Could Queen Latifah soon be a mom? The celebrity world is filled with star-studded adoptions.

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And Madonna , who fought to adopt daughter Mercy James from Malawi. Think Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock. In , there were 52, domestic adoptions reported through public agencies in the US , and 11, international adoptions, according to the State Department. In , the National Survey of Family Growth estimated that Adoption, then, is a beautiful American story — one of parental love, of families morphing into new and enduring shapes, of bonding that goes beyond DNA and bureaucratic regulations.

This Is What Adoption Feels Like

They have been waiting five years to adopt their second daughter, Madeleine, who is now 7. Already the series has led to smiles, tears and an intense debate among our readers. Already a subscriber? This website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance.

Top 100 Adoption Blogs & Websites To Follow in 12222

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Adopt Waiting Children in Colorado

We could pick up our lives, move to America, and adopt over there. We would eventually return to Dublin, possibly as a couple, but hopefully as a family. But we were filled with hope at the possibility of finding our son or daughter, so we took a flying leap across the ocean.

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Michael took a career break from his job as a secondary school guidance counsellor, and I planned to continue to write and blog from wherever we ended up. We set about moving out of our apartment, putting our belongings in storage so that we could spend the foreseeable future in Houston. We packed all our warm weather clothes into two suitcases and arrived into the dripping 40 degrees Texas heat in August of We found the most walkable neighbourhood, hoping it would remind us of the Dublin we missed, rented a tiny apartment, and Michael quickly found work in a high school nearby.

I began ticking off the mountain of paperwork with our adoption agency, and we attended the requisite CPR, first aid and parenting classes to prepare for an impending baby. I was superstitious, though, and refused to buy a single item for a baby until I knew it was going to be ours.

In retrospect, buying a car seat and a few onesies would have been prudent, because just six weeks after we arrived in Houston, our agency called. She texted me a photo of the most perfect baby girl, just six pounds, three ounces. Our daughter. Six hours later, she was in our arms.

The NICU nurses told us they had been praying for a family for her; they said she cried until we came. Can you believe our plan worked? A few months after Maya arrived, our agency called and asked if we would be able to take a foster baby for a few days while they found a long-term foster family for her.

But four failed adoptive situations later, we knew something had to change if we were going to be able to adopt again. After many more tough conversations, we decided to stay a third and final year in Houston and change adoption agencies. Just two months after changing agencies, we got the call that we had been chosen to parent a baby boy who was due the next month.

Just two weeks later, we got another call that he would be coming early.